Jul 10 2012

3 weeks today!

3 weeks today!

Goodness, how can she be 3 weeks already? Time sure is flying by! We even celebrated her first “first” holiday – Independence Day! Here are some pictures but pictures are so much fun!

Hilarious sleeping position

She really enjoys bath time

Our family – now 5! We were decked out for Independence Day

Our little girl’s first 4th!

Mommy and Daddy

Sweet baby kisses

Abel wanted to give Abilene kisses

And Abraham had to give Abilene kisses too!

This is how we have been beating the heat…indoor pool (kinda)!

I am how old??? 3 weeks today little missy!

We don’t venture out much these days between the heat and my immuno-suppression going on right now (which affects Abilene). Hanging out at home has been tough but worth it for sure. Still trying to catch up on everything and get into the new “normal” for our family. Abilene still wakes to eat about every 2 to 3 hours so sleep is few and far between. That’s okay. Life will go on! This mama needs to crash as the baby is now asleep. Goodnight!

Jul 7 2012

Very quick update


1. My hives are better! Thank you for all the prayers! We still have no idea what caused them other than possibly hormones. Who knows. I am just glad they are gone! I am still on meds but just the steroid now. Hopefully once that is done, things will be right as rain…ah, rain…

2.  Abilene had her 2-week weight check appt on Tuesday. She weighed in at a nice 9 pounds 9 ounces. She is doing great. We are working on this whole sleep at night thing and hang out with us during the day versus flip-flopping it. Plus we have a nasty case of diaper rash which made for 2 very unpleasant nights. We are working through it though and have it mostly under control.

3. We started potty training Abel on Sunday. He has it down pat. He is a pro at this…except pooping. That kid cannot control his urge to poop his pants. He has done so well at the other part of potty training that he actually wears underwear. We really have to be johnny on the spot with him and the poop or it’ll end up in his drawers! Oh well. We think he gets stage fright when he has to think about pooping on the potty. Kinda funny all things considered.

4. We were so blessed to have newborn photos taken of Miss Abilene. Here is a quick preview!


5. Last but not least we are just trying to stay cool in this ridiculous heat. Our poor AC can’t even keep up. It still hits 81 degrees upstairs at bed time which makes for miserable sleep for all involved. It has been rough and I pray that the Lord will send relief soon!

That’s it for now. I will try and get another update done this coming week!