We are the A-Team. We are made up of Aaron, Anna, Abraham, Abel, Archimedes, Arugula, and currently A. Minnow III.

The Lord Jesus Christ is at the center of our family and we want to raise our children to love and fear our Lord. He has given us these precious gifts and we know that our time with them is temporary. We want to make the best of the time we have here on Earth and rejoice when we see them in Heaven!

I am extremely blessed to be able to stay at home with the kids while Aaron provides for us. It isn’t an easy job but I love it! I am also blessed that Aaron is a phenomenal husband and father. He is a true partner and doesn’t think twice if I need help. I thank God for this man every single day.

This blog is my outlet. I share family things and I sometimes rant. Please enjoy the blog and the up’s and down’s of the A-Team as we press forward to the day our Lord comes to claim His own!