Sep 19 2013

Ahoy mateys!

Ahoy mateys!

I couldn’t let today pass without acknowledging National Talk Like A Pirate Day!!! We enjoyed it immensely especially when at The Children’s Place and we spoke like pirates to everyone! We called people “scurvy swabs” which I am sure wasn’t the nicest thing to say but well, we were pirates!

Well, I am off to me bed and I plan to check in on me sleeping scurvy swabs to be sure they be sleeping. I will hold in the urge to yell “Arrrr” as I would like some shut eye as well. Here is a look at me swabs!!! I didn’t make them walk the plank today either…arrr…I am a far too lenient pirate mama!

Too much flash...

Too much flash…


Not enough flash/light….arrr

Feb 15 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Jan 25 2013



Please pray for us. All 3 kiddos are sick. Monday the diagnosis came back positive for RSV. It is a nasty virus that you can get over and over again. It causes respiratory issues; wheezing, coughing, labored breathing, retractions, and in some cases, tachypnea. Well you all know about Abilene’s past. Please pray that she fights this off without a visit to Riley. So far she has responded well to breathing treatments here at home. But at any moment that could change. I am also sick with this virus and I would appreciate prayers for strength to tend to my family.


Jan 16 2013

A new demographic category

A new demographic category

Yep. Today I entered into the world of 35-44. I am in a whole new demographic. I have filled out surveys off and on for years. I find them fun and enjoy the incentives but mostly I like knowing that I am helping to shape the future – one opinion at a time. Of course with 3 little ones, survey taking is on the super duper back burner but I do recognize that today marks a new category for me.

I actually think 35 sounds kinda old. I remember my mom’s 30th birthday party and we went all out giving her a huge “over the hill” party. Of course 99% of it was my dad’s idea (that is probably one of the reasons why they are no longer married). Anyway, it was black this, black that and just tonight I chatted with my in-laws and they did a similar party for my FIL but for his 40th. Well, my 40th is just 5 years away. That is relatively close. I don’t feel CLOSE to being over the hill or even half way done with this life! I just got started! I have forewarned the hubby that NO over the hill stuff will be allowed until at LEAST my 50th (and the scary thing…that is only 15 years away!)

I celebrated my birthday today with my family. It was nice. They got me a sweet bunch of balloons, a lucky bamboo (with 3 shoots), a gorgeous hydrangea, candy (love me some candy!) and loving cards. My Dad stopped by in the morning and then he left to enjoy his retirement:) We planned to go out for lunch as a family but Mr. T (aka Abel) was not feeling the greatest. We stayed home for the morning and tried to salvage the afternoon by letting me run a couple errands (Kohls, Old Navy and Helzberg) with the whole crew in tow. We wrapped up the day by having a really nice visit with my in-laws. We enjoyed pizza and cake! How awesome is that?? They brought me a beautiful pink rose and it looks amazing on our table! We concluded our evening with what was to be a quick out for the kids (no naps) and we were planning on a game of UNO – my favorite! But alas, Abel couldn’t stop the cough and it got so bad he vomitted everywhere – twice. And they were not back-to-back barfs – oh no. He had to have clean sheets and blankets for each episode. The laundry fairy felt like I needed a tish more to clean:)

Well, all is clean…Abel is trying to sleep. The baby is out; Ham is out; and my loving husband is shuffling the cards as I type!  We have been keeping score of this UNO game since 12/22/2008 – we had a log from 4 or 5 years previous to 2008 but it got lost somewhere.

I am off to enjoy a quick game of UNO before crashing into bed. Goodnight!

Nov 28 2012

“No shoulder ride?”

"No shoulder ride?"

In late September in the first 1/10th of a mile of a 20 mile long run I stepped on a rather sharp pebble about 3/4″ in size that hurt the ball of my right foot but it felt better quickly so I kept running and went onto finish the best long run I’ve ever had. Upon sitting down to eat lunch afterward, my right foot started getting wicked sore so I iced it for 15min and it felt perfect. Case closed. Then a month later the same spot began hurting for no apparent reason. “Overtraining” I thought. I’d already forgotten about the pebble. I ended up going to see an ortho surgeon at the local foot/ankle center about two weeks before the race because I didn’t want to run the race and make things worse. He said it was either the cartilage band around the base of the big toe, or the tendon that runs under there. Ice, Ibuprofen, and tape it and you’ll be fine. So I did, and everything went great up to the race day.

Saturday 11/3 was the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. I started the race and hung at the reserved and proper pace I was easily capable of for the first 16 or so miles. In fact, within a few seconds I was dead on target for my goal finish of 3:25:00.  Then I noticed my “good” foot, the left one, was really tightening up. Very rapidly things fell apart and by about the 16.5 mile mark of the race I sort of fell back from the pack I’d been with most of the race and took a really long walk break to try and flex the foot into feeling good again. I felt great and energetic otherwise. This happens sometimes in training, you just lose your steam for whatever reason (sore muscle, tired, mind wandering, etc) walk a little and you get back into it. No big deal. Except the more I walked, the more my left foot hurt. So I took turns running and walking, mostly walking. At this point I’m thinking about quitting. Except I refuse to do that, I trained very well this year to just give it up, I didn’t feel that bad. Besides, it started sleeting and I wasn’t really dressed to sit in drizzle while waiting for a few hours for the trailing “bus o shame” to pick up stragglers.

As I alluded to in my last post a few weeks ago I decided at this point to just make the most of the experience and put on a smile, be glad I am blessed enough to be running a doggone marathon, and finish the race as well as I could. I ended up mostly walking the last 10 miles with a tad of running tossed in for pride’s sake and to try and keep warm. Nothing like freezing to motivate you! I finished the race in a time respected by many runners as desirable but for me it was defeat.

So, time to fess up. As it turns out I fractured my left foot in the marathon. I see you out there. This is where you non-runners secretly gloat about how pointless running is and exclaim how it just begs to break and damage the body. Not so fast!! Because if running is done correctly it doesn’t hurt you, it makes you stronger not weaker! The arch ache ended after the race, but a pain in my heel picked up the next day and wouldn’t go away for a few days. Marathon +5 days I went for a short 20min run to loosen up and see how things were and the heel pain came back full force and then some. I felt perfect except the left foot. The sharp pebble bruise on the other foot was fine by this point and never did bother me during the marathon or since.

I immediately called the ortho doctor’s office and got in the next Monday. An X-ray discovered an avulsion fracture of the plantar side of my cuboid bone. An avulsion fracture is where a soft tissue like a tendon/ligament/cartilage so fiercely pulls at an anchor point on a bone that the bone peels/splinters off. It was small but bad enough to stop me from even walking without a crutch that we had in the closet. Fortunately my Doctor is not what I’d call a hypochondriac. In fact he’s so nonchalant in a positive way that he makes you feel like it’s no big deal. His best case scenario was that I’d be able to get back to running in a week or two but I needed to chill out in the mean time. Ibuprofen, ice, rest; same old stuff. No cast or braces needed, just take it easy. The bad news is the fracture will never heal. The bone fragment will be loose for the rest of my days. The good news is it shouldn’t bother me, freaky huh?!

So my follow up appointment was Tuesday 11/27 and though I ran a little bit last week and the pain subsided, the good news is I’ve been released and declared good enough to get back to normal life. He agreed that what likely happened is after the pebble bruise from September, my healthy foot subconsciously started doing most of the work in walking, playing, running, etc. That led to the left foot being overtired and during the marathon it just said enough is enough and fractured. So you now see the great news is that had I not stepped on that stupid rock all would be well. It wasn’t overtraining, overexertion, or just the simple act of running that caused the fracture.

On a side note, the Doc noticed in the X ray of the fractured left foot that I have an extra bone in my foot on the inner side of my foot below the ankle. It is about the size and shape of a kidney bean. A review of an older X ray of my other foot shows the same bone there too. So, I have 2 extra bones in my body. Weird! Apparently about 20% of the population have this extra bone. I asked the Doc if it will somehow make me have superhuman powers or anything and he crushed my hopes and said it actually makes me prone to having a certain type of tendinitis. Oh well.

During all of this my family and friends have been praying for my foot to heal swiftly and I’m grateful. The boys took it pretty hard though. The first night after the news of the fracture, Abel asked me to give him his nightly shoulder ride which ends with me plopping him in a heap on his bed. I said, “I’m sorry dude but my foot is broken, so I can’t give you a shoulder ride until it heals.” He was destroyed. While crying he just looks at my foot and accusingly says,”No shoulder ride?” and takes my hand to be dragged off to bed. Every night since then he has asked if tonight was the night for a shoulder ride. Tonight, I was able to say “YES!”

Aug 21 2012

More Pictures from Riley

More Pictures from Riley

Future surgeons? We had a “contact” warning on our room due to some tests that were run. So everyone had to wear this garb when coming to visit even though she wasn’t really at risk. The boys thought it was fun!

Ronald McDonald inside Riley. Abel was a bit apprehensive and wouldn’t get any closer:)

LOVE this picture Abraham drew! He says, “Mommy, look, I drew a picture of Beans in her Rock N Play!” This was so incredibly precious.

She was all smiles unless we were running tests…then she wasn’t so happy.

Visit with Grandma on Grandma’s birthday:)

Visit with Grandpa too:)

This is Miss Abilene after being told “we are going home!!” She was very happy, let me tell you:)

Aug 17 2012

Pictures I have promised…

Pictures I have promised...

Miss Abilene at 6 weeks!

Saddest picture ever! This is her all wrapped up for her sleep study of which she only slept 35% of the 3 hours. Poor little baby. It broke my heart to see her like this.

Notice the hair. It was STUCK like this! The “glue” they used for all the leads from her sleep study did a number on her do. I made sure we washed up in the room:)

This was a favorite spot for the boys when they came to visit us at Riley. It was great to escape from the testing and just go play with my boys.

Now that my computer is up and running and I have gotten us pretty well settled here in OKC, I will be getting more posts up! Thanks for waiting!

Jul 10 2012

3 weeks today!

3 weeks today!

Goodness, how can she be 3 weeks already? Time sure is flying by! We even celebrated her first “first” holiday – Independence Day! Here are some pictures but pictures are so much fun!

Hilarious sleeping position

She really enjoys bath time

Our family – now 5! We were decked out for Independence Day

Our little girl’s first 4th!

Mommy and Daddy

Sweet baby kisses

Abel wanted to give Abilene kisses

And Abraham had to give Abilene kisses too!

This is how we have been beating the heat…indoor pool (kinda)!

I am how old??? 3 weeks today little missy!

We don’t venture out much these days between the heat and my immuno-suppression going on right now (which affects Abilene). Hanging out at home has been tough but worth it for sure. Still trying to catch up on everything and get into the new “normal” for our family. Abilene still wakes to eat about every 2 to 3 hours so sleep is few and far between. That’s okay. Life will go on! This mama needs to crash as the baby is now asleep. Goodnight!

Jul 7 2012

Very quick update


1. My hives are better! Thank you for all the prayers! We still have no idea what caused them other than possibly hormones. Who knows. I am just glad they are gone! I am still on meds but just the steroid now. Hopefully once that is done, things will be right as rain…ah, rain…

2.  Abilene had her 2-week weight check appt on Tuesday. She weighed in at a nice 9 pounds 9 ounces. She is doing great. We are working on this whole sleep at night thing and hang out with us during the day versus flip-flopping it. Plus we have a nasty case of diaper rash which made for 2 very unpleasant nights. We are working through it though and have it mostly under control.

3. We started potty training Abel on Sunday. He has it down pat. He is a pro at this…except pooping. That kid cannot control his urge to poop his pants. He has done so well at the other part of potty training that he actually wears underwear. We really have to be johnny on the spot with him and the poop or it’ll end up in his drawers! Oh well. We think he gets stage fright when he has to think about pooping on the potty. Kinda funny all things considered.

4. We were so blessed to have newborn photos taken of Miss Abilene. Here is a quick preview!

5. Last but not least we are just trying to stay cool in this ridiculous heat. Our poor AC can’t even keep up. It still hits 81 degrees upstairs at bed time which makes for miserable sleep for all involved. It has been rough and I pray that the Lord will send relief soon!

That’s it for now. I will try and get another update done this coming week!

Jun 25 2012

One Week – already?

One Week - already?

Little Miss Abilene is 1 week old today. I really can’t believe that it has been an entire week already. She is a great baby with personality already. She loves her mama, papa and brothers very much and enjoys hanging out with us. She is pretty easy going until diaper changes or clothing changes. Not such a fan of those. She is sleeping well (as long as mommy avoids caffeine) and wakes about every 3 hours to eat. She is growing like a weed already! She barely fits anything newborn especially in the length.

We took her to her first pediatrician visit on Friday and her bilirubin test came back great! We were able to discontinue use of the bili-blanket but had to have another bilirubin test done on Saturday. We headed to Community South because they have a lab there that will do a STAT bili. We got the results of that test and she is doing great! Her levels are almost back to normal without the use of any lights!!! YEAH! She had gained some weight at her office visit. She was at 8 pounds 12.5 ounces. This girl does great with nursing:) She is a bit slower than her brothers when it comes to eating but she doesn’t spit up like they did! So far so good!

We do believe she is allergic to disposable diapers or maybe it’s the wipes. Either way we have a nasty case of diaper rash that causes even more distress than usual. We are now strictly cloth diapers and I am scrambling to get some cloth wipes. Poor baby. It is rather painful looking but I know she will heal up in no time.

And just a side note – I have lost 18 pounds in 7 days! Woohoo!

Anyway, enough of the words – on to the pictures!

Not happy at the clothing change but we are going HOME!!!

Our family leaving the hospital – together!

Bean-bean in her car seat

This was a surprise when I got home. They started digging our new neighbors basement. This equipment was literally just off of our property line.

Abilene enjoying the swing but not swinging. She just likes to sit in it.

Some humor from my 3-year-old – This was his “helmet.” Yes – that is a diaper on his head (thankfully, it was a clean one!)

See – what did I tell you about diaper changes and clothing changes? She really doesn’t like them!

Here we are much more peaceful – I promised her milk was coming right after this picture:)

Her first dress! I am SO addicted to adorable outfits for her:) I love it!!!

Abraham STILL loves to hold Abilene.

This time Little Big Bro wanted in on the action of holding Abilene. But as you can see he wasn’t so sure about it once he was given the opportunity.

Miss Abilene at 1 week. She is wearing an outfit covered in fruit! I had to keep the “fruit man” from noming his little girl!

Peaceful slumber – which is where mommy should be right now:)

So that has been our week:) I am so blessed to have such a beautiful family!