Sep 10 2013

Prayers please!

Prayers please!

I haven’t forgotten about you my bloggy friends…Abilene and I have come down with an illness (hers is worse) and it makes for a not so fun time right now. I am just trying to keep going as I don’t feel the greatest.

So prayers for quick recovery for both myself and little Abilene are most appreciated!

Feb 24 2012

Our recent week…

Our recent week...

It started on Sunday when I didn’t feel the greatest (mostly congestion). By the afternoon, I had a fever. I was out for 2 days with a few hours here and there when I felt okay. Congestion got worse and ended up a sinus infection. Thankfully, I had antibiotics on hand to start taking right away.

Monday morning Abraham definitely doesn’t feel good. All he wanted to do was sit in the cart at Meijer. I knew something was definitely up. By the time we get home from our grocery trip, he was running a fever. This fever is STILL GOING ON as I write this. The fever has been the worst I have ever had to deal with. It started around 102 and kept climbing. He topped out at 104.6 F last night. We did make a trip to the doc’s office on Wednesday but he had NO other symptoms so they are just as unsure of what is the cause. The poor kid got so hot last night that he did eventually throw up. It was mostly medicine since the kiddo hasn’t eaten in days. After some fervent prayers over Abraham last night, the Lord delivered him from this severe fever. It is now around 99.9 F. The worst part of all of this has been seeing him suffer and being able to do nothing about it except let him watch way too much TV and keep him on Ibuprofen and Tylenol. He has tolerated it very well considering how bad he must feel.

Now we have Mr. Abel to contend with. He has been feeling great and doesn’t much care for TV at his age. Plus he is FULL of energy. He has not appreciated my attention NOT being centered on him…hence his CONTINUAL testing of every single limit known to him. It has been nothing short of frustrating but I can’t totally blame him. He is bored to tears and just wants some attention – good or bad. We are working through this. The blessing in disguise here is that Abel is healthy! He has shown no signs of sickness except for a minor fever tonight (which might be his teeth) and a little runny nose. Praise Jesus! I surely hope this gets no worse.

The man who has held us together for the better part of the week is now coming down with the sinus thing I have/had. Yuck. Figures. But it is also a blessing in disguise that he doesn’t get sick until AFTER I am able to pick up where I left off. I am also so thankful that he is not afraid and certainly willing to take care of the dishwasher and keep up with the laundry! God gave me a great man as my partner!

Now the dogs could not be out done by the family. We are still dealing with huge issues with them (skin irritation, missing fur, bleeding skin, lack of appetite one day, eating like crazy the next, so thirsty they drink too much and vomit it back up). In a nutshell, they are a mess! We are currently on the path to get them tested for thyroid issues. I am so tired of dealing with this mess. I just want a definite answer to get them better! Too bad they aren’t listed on my health insurance because continual vet visits are expensive!

Anyway, prayers for continued recovery would be much appreciated especially for Aaron to quickly recover as he has a 10K race next Saturday that is VERY important to him. Thank you in advance!