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Below is a listing of other Jeepers websites that may be helpful in your never ending quest for "Jeeply Oneliness." You will also find links to vendor sites that have great gear for your Jeep. This list will be ever expanding...but please do not send me requests to link share; I just don't have the space to put them all on here and make it a meaningful list. Thanks!

Fellow Jeeper's Websites

4×4 Xplor - Lots of Jeep writeups, trip reports, etc.
Coynster's Jeep site. Tons of Jeep links, and a bulletin board too.
CJ OffRoad - Spectacular forum/tech site for CJ owners, By CJ owners.
YJ Offroad - Great site for YJ owners. Has tech stuff and a BB.
Jeeps4ever-dot-com - Free Jeeper picture & website hosting. For jeepers by jeepers!
Links4Jeeps database - If the link is not listed here it doesn't exist. No, seriously.

Vendor Listing

(Vendors I have bought from, and would buy from again)

4× - Great place to buy maps, GPS, and books on offroading.
4×4 Group - Specializing in Discounted 4wd Parts & Accessories. - Nice UV resistant decals to your specs, can develop original artwork.
CornDogg Offroad - Custom built hauling trailers & other offroad equipment at great prices.
Jeep Parts from ExtremeTerrain - An online retailer of Jeep parts & accessories.
Jeepers & Creepers - A diverse selection of hard to find Jeep goodies.
M.O.R.E. - My first mods were bought from these guys. Great parts, reasonable pricing.
RNventions Inc. - Lots of different recovery gear items, hardtop hoists, etc.
Quadratec - Great people willing to help to get what you need and the best possible pricing.

Manufacturer Listing

AEV Conversions - They make the "TJ Brute" and several other custom Jeep packages.
ARB U.S.A. - They make air lockers, bumpers, coolers, etc.
Banks Power - Great exhaust products for your Jeep, tow rig and RV.
B.F. Goodrich Tires - Check out the AT, Baja, Krawler and MT tires they make.
Crane High Clearance - They make indestructible differential covers and other HD parts.
Currie Engineering - Specializing in awesome Ford 9" axles and other custom parts.
Goodyear Tire Co. - MT/R tires, need I say more?
Moser Engineering - They can make high strength custom axleshafts to fit your needs.
PowerTrax - They make the No-Slip® and Lock-Right® traction systems.
Rubicon Express - great suspension lift sysems, great "long arm" kits.
Skid Row Automotive - great heavy-duty skidplates for all sorts of 4×4's.
Tera Flex - Suspension systems, low-range gearing, Heavy Duty axles.
Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts - Very high quality drive shaft solutions.
TracTech - Famous for the Detroit Locker®, Detroit E-Z Locker®, TrueTrac®, ElecTrac®.

Offroad Driving Places

Badlands Off Road Vehicle Park - Attica, Indiana. Great fun in a 900+ acre ORV park.
Haspin Acres Off Road Vehicle Park - Laurel, Indiana, just over 750 acres to wheel on.
RedBird ORV Park - Dugger, Indiana. A 200+ acre state operated ORV park.
Kentucky Adventure Park - A place to wheel in northeast Kentucky. Over 25 miles of trails.

Other points of web interest *but still Jeep related* - Home of the United Rock Crawling & Off-Road Challenge. - another great 4×4 tech site. Good product reviews.
Blue Ribbon Coalition - Support BRC as they fight to keep public lands public!
Jeep - Home of the beloved manufacturer of the best 4×4 vehicles ever.

Jeep Bulletin Boards I frequent

Quadratec Bulletin Board - look me up on there as "ImperialFleet"
Jeeps Unlimited - More than 30,000 other Jeepers. I'm on here as "ImperialFleet" also.

JeepinInIN - A board for all Jeepers in the state of Indiana. Me = ImperialFleet.

Interesting Non-Jeep Websites - the website of a deranged poet (but he still at least owns a Jeep) - Learn more about the Universe we live in.
The S.E.T.I. Project - Put your PC to work in the search for intelligent extra-terrestrial life.
Team SETI @ Quadratec - The team site for QBB Jeepers looking for ET.
KaleCo Auto - Excellent automotive product parody site.
Investopedia - Great free education site to learn how to invest your money wisely.
Marketocracy - Practice trading stocks risk-free by building your own mutual fund.
Billy Graham - How can you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?
Big Al's Cruisers - Hot rod information from Big Al. New

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