Jeep Maintenance

This section is always growing to have all sorts of maintenance tips and how-to's. As a mechanic in the Army for 8 years (along with being an Airborne Infantry soldier) I have gained much experience in vehicle evaluation, strict maintenance procedures, and record keeping. My goal is to educate those of you new to do-it-yourself (DIY) as well as even the experienced shadetree mechanic.


Disclaimer/Note/Warning: All information is correct to the best of my research and knowledge, however I cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions.

The WriteupWear Safety Glasses!
It's quite simple, if you like your vision then you should wear eye protection. When I used to do minor work on my vehicles like oil changes and such, I would get crud (road grime, rust, grit) in my eyes and it stung and was irritating. It wasn't until I got deeper into mechanical work that I realized how naive I was for not wearing any eye protection. I personally...

The WriteupChoosing a Service Manual
A question I often receive from readers is "What service manual is the best?" Any response to this question is of course purely opinionated, but let me present to you what I have learned through my experience. This will hopefully illustrate why I have made the decision to use only service manuals that the professional mechanics use....

The WriteupAxle/Differential Fluid Change
This project should only take 30-45 minutes once you get used to the technique. Follow along in the easy steps below and you should be just fine. This writeup is based off of a Dana 30 differential, but it applies to almost any differential. The axle/differential (diff) fluid is probably one of the most frequently....

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