Jul 18 2013

Still not right…


Well, we are back to the drawing board. I am sill not right. I am having terrible migraines (sneaky gluten) and have extreme fatigue with other days of bounding energy. I want to rip my skin off at times because it itches so much. I have bouts of “brain fog” and cannot believe this is STILL going on.

I have spent the last 6 weeks on an aggressive diet change…it helped some at first. Getting gluten and any possible link to gluten out has been the most helpful. Dairy is probably next because what do cows eat? Yep. You got it…wheat. I increased exercise and guess what no real budge on weight – a couple pounds but I still have inflammation running through my body.

My insulin test came back just barely lower than before. I have been told I need hand surgery to correct my left wrist. I just stubbed my toe SO badly that I thought I broke it – thankfully, I did not. I just jammed the nail from the nail matrix into my toe and caused a HUGE hematoma and I get to wear a cool postop shoe!

Anywho – I just don’t care anymore. I will get my hand fixed but other than that – whatever. I am riding every morning now. If feels great. I am napping when I can and taking something to help me sleep at night. Benedryl cream is doing the trick for my shoulders and life will just go on! If God sees fit to heal me, GREAT! If not, ok.

Sorry for my whining…it gets frustrating. But I will lean on Him.

Phil 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Jan 25 2013



Please pray for us. All 3 kiddos are sick. Monday the diagnosis came back positive for RSV. It is a nasty virus that you can get over and over again. It causes respiratory issues; wheezing, coughing, labored breathing, retractions, and in some cases, tachypnea. Well you all know about Abilene’s past. Please pray that she fights this off without a visit to Riley. So far she has responded well to breathing treatments here at home. But at any moment that could change. I am also sick with this virus and I would appreciate prayers for strength to tend to my family.


Jan 16 2013

A new demographic category

A new demographic category

Yep. Today I entered into the world of 35-44. I am in a whole new demographic. I have filled out surveys off and on for years. I find them fun and enjoy the incentives but mostly I like knowing that I am helping to shape the future – one opinion at a time. Of course with 3 little ones, survey taking is on the super duper back burner but I do recognize that today marks a new category for me.

I actually think 35 sounds kinda old. I remember my mom’s 30th birthday party and we went all out giving her a huge “over the hill” party. Of course 99% of it was my dad’s idea (that is probably one of the reasons why they are no longer married). Anyway, it was black this, black that and just tonight I chatted with my in-laws and they did a similar party for my FIL but for his 40th. Well, my 40th is just 5 years away. That is relatively close. I don’t feel CLOSE to being over the hill or even half way done with this life! I just got started! I have forewarned the hubby that NO over the hill stuff will be allowed until at LEAST my 50th (and the scary thing…that is only 15 years away!)

I celebrated my birthday today with my family. It was nice. They got me a sweet bunch of balloons, a lucky bamboo (with 3 shoots), a gorgeous hydrangea, candy (love me some candy!) and loving cards. My Dad stopped by in the morning and then he left to enjoy his retirement:) We planned to go out for lunch as a family but Mr. T (aka Abel) was not feeling the greatest. We stayed home for the morning and tried to salvage the afternoon by letting me run a couple errands (Kohls, Old Navy and Helzberg) with the whole crew in tow. We wrapped up the day by having a really nice visit with my in-laws. We enjoyed pizza and cake! How awesome is that?? They brought me a beautiful pink rose and it looks amazing on our table! We concluded our evening with what was to be a quick out for the kids (no naps) and we were planning on a game of UNO – my favorite! But alas, Abel couldn’t stop the cough and it got so bad he vomitted everywhere – twice. And they were not back-to-back barfs – oh no. He had to have clean sheets and blankets for each episode. The laundry fairy felt like I needed a tish more to clean:)

Well, all is clean…Abel is trying to sleep. The baby is out; Ham is out; and my loving husband is shuffling the cards as I type!  We have been keeping score of this UNO game since 12/22/2008 – we had a log from 4 or 5 years previous to 2008 but it got lost somewhere.

I am off to enjoy a quick game of UNO before crashing into bed. Goodnight!