Jul 12 2009

My First Haircut


Ok, professionally that is. We went on July 3rd to have Abraham’s hair done. It was getting quite shaggy and it needed a good trimming. I have done some trimming but I didn’t feel this capable. I really needed to involve a professional. Abraham did awesome! There was another boy there a little older than him and he cried and cried and screamed the whole time. Abraham just sat there and smiled. I have pictures to prove it! He was amazing:)

02718-abrahams-first-professional-haircut This is his before picture.


02722-abrahams-first-professional-haircutHe really was an angel throughout the whole process.

02729-abrahams-first-professional-haircutHere is the final picture:) He was all done and SOOO excited when he got his reward….a balloon! Check out the video:)

He was so cute, as you can see. It was actually quite a challenge to get him in the car because he threw an absolute fit that we took the balloon away just to sit him in his car seat! But we quickly gave him back his balloon and all was restored:) Of course within about 5 more minutes he completely forgot about his balloon.

Jun 21 2009

First Taste of Grass


This is a cute video of Abraham out in the yard enjoying the evening breeze. He also decided to enjoy the grass – by tasting. Yuck! His face seemed to say the same thing. Enjoy!