Jun 21 2009



Yes, Abraham is officially crawling! Last Thursday he did it and Aaron got it on video! Good thing too. That just so happened to be my first Mom’s Night Out with our Mom’s group here at Heartland Crossing and sure enough, my son decides to crawl without mom present. I was sad, but also glad that Aaron got to see it and of course record it! Since this video was taken, Abraham has become the crawling master. He is ALL OVER THE PLACE. He doesn’t sit still for long. He just moves wherever he wants to explore. He actually crawled all the way from the middle of our dining room to our office off the kitchen! That is a REALLY long way. I was so proud of him:) The dogs aren’t quite sure what to make of this guy who is now completely mobile. They are kinda stunned when he creeps up and gets them. I of course think it is great. Payback for all the lick-stealing they did when he was completely helpless! Anyway, enjoy the video:)

Jun 21 2009

Low Crawling/High Crawling


This was the first glimpse of Abraham trying to get himself where he wanted to go. This kid was SO determined. I really thought he was going to crawl, but not yet.

May 27 2009

So close


dsc02312 Abraham is getting so close to crawling! I love the fact that he is showing interest. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT pushing for him to crawl by any means. I love the fact that I can sit him on the floor and really doesn’t move that much. Now, if I lay him down on the floor – well, I don’t know where I will find him. That boy would roll to Texas if he could! He just rolls and rolls and rolls! Fortunately, he still hasn’t quite figured out how to get from sitting to laying down (other than by accident) and if that happens, he is usually kinda mad.

dsc02318See! He will get in this position and rock back and forth and he even vaguely crawls backwards – mostly he just pushes himself back. But, it is so neat to see him trying!

He has also truly set himself into a routine. He no longer wakes up in the middle of the night (hallelujah) and he is pretty set on when he eats. He has a bottle in the morning, one sometime between 3 and 5 pm, and one at 11 pm. He has 3 meals of “food” throughout the day and has settled into a great eating pattern. No more crazy gorging himself. He will eat about 6 to 8 oz of food each feeding and has a couple snacks a day. He enjoys cheese cubes and cheerios. He had his first fresh strawberry today and LOVED it! He was quite mad that I only let him have one due to the possible reaction. He has had strawberries in his baby food, but you never know what a fresh one might do. He did great though. No reactions! It is so funny. He isn’t a picky eater. He doesn’t much care for my applesauce, or so I thought. I (just tonight) figured out why he doesn’t care for the food I have prepared versus the store-bought jarred food. He doesn’t like it cold! I just so happened to leave his carrots out for about an hour before I fed it to him – so they were room temperature. He did not even flinch! Normally, he would give me the craziest look like I was feeding him poison (although he would choke it down). Too funny! Well, at least now I know!

Something else kinda funny, Abraham has taken to smiling without the whole mouth open thing. He is doing this funny thing. Not sure why or where this is coming from…but it is so cute!

dsc02315Silly boy. I know it probably doesn’t look like he is smiling, but he is! He will also just sit there on the floor and make this cute face at you. So funny how every day it is something new!

Speaking of something new…this isn’t really new, but it has become an obsession with Abraham. He can’t get enough of my Crocs!

dsc02321See! Caught you! He has even gotten to the point where he will roll over to me and take my shoe off my foot! It is absolutely hilarious. Fortunately, I now wash these “house shoes” every day so he can chew on them relatively germ free. And to think I was worried about my dogs chewing my shoes…what was I thinking!

Anyway, it is just such a joy to watch this little guy grow and I just want to thank each and every one of you who read this and pray for us. We do appreciate it! Be sure to check out the YouTube link for more videos of Abraham!