Jan 29 2012

The battle is over

The battle is over

Roger was taken off life support late Friday night and passed shortly thereafter. It is not an easy thing to comprehend or even begin to have feelings about. I am thankful his body is no longer suffering but I fear for his soul. But more than anything I ask for prayers for comfort for my mom and my brother. They are the ones hurting the most and need the most comfort. Pray that I would use the right words (God-given) to reach their hearts for Christ in this time of pain. I have learned so much about the relationship my mom and brother had with this man that I truly did not know. I want to be there for them because this is very tough on them especially since it looks like Roger knew he was very sick and possibly dying but chose not to tell anyone or get treatment.

They have begun the process of cleaning out his house (which is the house I grew up in) and have tons and tons of work ahead of them. As of tonight my mom claims they made it through 80% of the valuable things. Roger’s actual blood family made the decision to give everything to my mom and brother since they were his “family.” Of course some of the items my mom has come across, she wants to pass to me since they are from my childhood. It is crazy to think he still had any of that stuff!

Pray for peace for me as I deal with my own emotions and issues as I approach the day for Roger’s funeral. I know it will be a difficult time and much will be expected of me. Pray that I am strong enough to get through that day.

Thanks for listening and most of all for praying.