Jul 13 2009

update on the car…


Well, good news…I get to pick up the car tomorrow and the dealer is charging me NOTHING! Woohoo! Bad news…I serious doubt they found the problem. They claim that there was some errant wire connected to the starter that shouldn’t have been and it was creating lots of resistance or something. At first, I was excited. They found the problem!! Yippee!!! Then my husband had to burst that bubble…this car had the SAME problem with the original starter that we replaced. So once again, I will be getting my car back just for it to strand me again. That’s okay. I have decided to give up driving should it leave me again. I have a friend that swears she is turning in her keys when she turns 30…I am a bit past that age…but think I may just as well turn in mine. What is the point of driving a car that is bound to leave me? I just don’t need to tempt fate and deal with a possibly 90-degree day with a potentially cranky baby when this car leaves me again. So, until the next breakdown, I will be on the road. But mind you, you will hear from me again about this…whenever the problem should decide to rear its ugly head!

Just a side note, I know this is God teaching me some wonderful lesson. Maybe I need to appreciate the things I have a little bit more or realize there are people in worse situations or maybe it is Satan trying to get his grips into me to make me worry and think negatively…I am NOT going to give in to the temptation of anger or worry. I will just roll with the punches, so to speak and know that God is in control and even though His plan is not pain free (as I read today from another friend’s blog) it is His plan that is right for me and I just need to trust in Him! As 1 Peter 5:7 says, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.” And also, Matthew 6:34 “Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” I love these verses. They really drive home the point! I am sure I have typed them before…but they are so close to my heart.

Well, enough said for tonight. I need to go feed Abraham. Love you all!

Jul 11 2009

Square One


You betcha! We are right back at square one with the car. I knew I wasn’t THAT nuts to think a brake pedal could fix all the issues. It once again left me stranded. I was in Plainfield getting groceries and it wouldn’t start. This time I am so steamed, I don’t wait long and call AAA. Right as the operator and I were about to hang up, the car starts. I thank God and the nice lady on the phone who so hilariously said in a very business-like tone “Yes, Ma’am, Thank God in everything.” Very funny by the way she said it, but so true! I thanked God again, called Aaron and headed straight for the dealer. I didn’t care. I was done. That car can sit at the dealer until they tell me I HAVE to come get it. I am HOPING that it will fail for them so they can fix the problem, but as of Friday afternoon close to quitting time, it had not failed to start. Figures.

Well, thanks for listening to my saga! I will keep you updated:)

Jul 7 2009

The Car


I know not what else to title this post.

As many of you know, I drive an older car. It has served us faithfully for a couple years and I hope it keeps serving us because that is the only car I have!

So, the car has some issues. It is old. That is to be expected. Well one issue has been lingering and getting worse, then better, then worse again. This problem is starting. The car has a mind of its own. One day it will work flawlessly and start every time, on another day, it will leave me stranded…and then finally start. VERY annoying in the least. So, we have had this problem looked at by a “friend” who is a mechanic and he replaced our starter. Ok, that fixed it…for awhile. Then we finally gave up and took it to the dealer, who of course COULD NOT get the problem to recur. The car started every time for them and they say they tried 75 to 100 times and it started each time. They did find a loose battery terminal connection thingy-ma-bob and tightened it. Ok. We also replaced the battery with a really nice one. So, all parts are pointing to it is working! And (this is how nerdy we are) we actually tallied the starts. Yes, we kept a piece of paper in the car and made a mark each and every time it started so we would know how many starts it worked – and this had to be consecutive starts. We got to 156 starts in one month and decided to toss the paper. Woohoo! We were fixed for sure! Wouldn’t you know it, good old Murphy showed up and the car didn’t start for 157! Of course I was out in Plainfield shopping when it refused to restart. It did eventually, but again, how disconcerting because I don’t really like being in an unreliable car especially with Abraham. Fast forward a few months and we are still fighting this starting problem but I think I have figured it out. It has to be the ignition switch because if I wiggle the keys while starting, it works. Of course, this too proves to not fix the problem. Aaron and I have had NUMEROUS discussions about what to do, how to fix it, how to ensure the problem will recur at the dealer…you name it, we have talked about it. Yes, I even suggested leaving it in the middle of a busy street…well, you get the idea. Aaron is especially puzzled by this starting issue because it hardly EVER does it to him. Only me. Great, so I am an idiot. I don’t know how to “sweet talk” the car into starting? Is that it? Nope. We actually got an answer as to WHY this car has been doing this. You are NEVER going to believe it.

My day today…I am SO excited because I got a professional breadmaker for SUPER cheap from a lady in Noblesville. This was a great deal, brand-new in the box and it is the breadmaker I have been wanting. I was really pumped up. So, I plan my day to go get it. We haven’t seen the in-laws in a couple weeks and I figured they could benefit (as could Abraham) with a visit and it happens to be on the way to get the breadmaker. So, plans are made. Abraham wakes up from his nap and is in the BEST mood! So, we quickly get in the car and make the 45-minute drive to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We visit for a bit and I have to run to meet this lady – Grandma and Grandpa graciously accept watching Hammie for a short bit (at least that was the plan). So, I get in the car, it starts and off I am to get my new breadmaker! I am dreaming of all the wonderful goodies I plan to make and how I am going to get some bread made for my in-laws as a small thank-you. I get to the lady’s house and think to myself  “don’t turn off the engine, just in case” so I don’t. I left the car running and picked up the breadmaker. Transaction complete and I am off to head back to the in-laws. Then the Speedway Gas Station appears and it was like a beacon…it sucked me in. I didn’t have the boy! I could run in super quick without a squiqqly little dude and get a drink! Yippee! I love the fountain drinks! It is cheap, tasty and I earn free ones! So, I get my diet Mt Dew and back to the car. It won’t start. Figures. Stupid Speedway. Stupid Mt Dew. Stupid me. UUURRRGGGHHH. Oh well, in just a couple minutes the car will start…that was 3 pm. 10 minutes…no start…I call the in-laws and say “just be a little bit longer – everything ok?” Of course, Abraham was being good. 20 minutes…no start… I call Aaron. 30 minutes…no start….I call AAA. Crap. I have a history with calling AAA. Every time we have called. The car starts either while we are on hold or talking to the rep. This time, no luck. No start. So, fortunately I am in the shade and the heat wasn’t bad. I had a nice breeze and just sat waiting….drinking my ever so expensive Mt Dew…since now I will have to pay for the tow, have the car fixed (hopefully) at the dealer, and get a rental car or something in the mean time – oh, and a ride home!

Well, it is now about 4:15 pm and the tow truck driver shows up. I am elated to see him because Abraham is WELL past his 2nd nap time and I know what he gets like. I know it cannot be good back at the in-laws. They reassure me everything is fine, but like I said, I know him. He can become quite the fussy-butt when he is tired.

Tow truck driver enters the picture, takes my keys, presses the brake pedal (odd) and the freaking car STARTS! I screamed “WHAT DID YOU DO? – SHOW ME NOW!”  Of course I was much more polite than that and he kindly explained to me that the brake pedal is a common security feature in cars. Once depressed, it allows the tumblers to fall into place and the car starts. I look at him completely dumbfounded. Are you serious? I have gone through HOW MUCH pain and trouble and heartache and fear, etc… all because of a STUPID BRAKE PEDAL!!!!! Give me a break! I am no idiot. It has to be a fluke. Whatever. At this point I don’t care. I go buy the dude a drink and leave to get my boy. I get to the in-laws and DON’T stop the car. I get the boy packed up and off we go. Here enters Murphy AGAIN. I have to get gas in order to make it home safely. When it rains, it poors! That means I have to STOP the car. My father-in-law was very kind and offered to put in gas in my car at his house (I did accept a gallon of gas as a backup) but Aaron and I decided to test this theory. Why do you ask? Well, because why not! So what if it doesn’t start. I will finally get towed. I have been through enough – I am ready to find out what the problem is.

We get to the Speedway gas station (yes, another Speedway!) at Emerson and 465. I stop the engine. Get the gas. Pray for the car to restart…and it doesn’t. Great. Well, here goes. I depress the brake and crank the car…it starts!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Aaron and I talk while I drive home and we figure something out. Aaron almost ALWAYS sets the E-brake when he parks the car and has to depress the brake pedal to release it before starting. Hence, the fewer issues he has experienced. Then Aaron made a comment about wondering if this “trick” was in the manual…hmmm.

Abraham and I get home and I decide to grab the manual. We go about our nightly routine, dinner, bath, video, bottle and bed. I take care of the dogs as well and finally get to a point where I can do some things I want to do besides chores. I grab the manual and look inside. There is a section on “STARTING YOUR CAR” – I flip to the section and read:

Before Cranking – follow these instructions:

1. Set the parking brake.

2. Turn off all unnecessary electronics (radio, fan, A/C, lights).

3.  This step talks about a manual transmission and something about depressing the clutch…I don’t care…I skip this part….

4.  DEPRESS AND HOLD THE BRAKE PEDAL while cranking until start.

Now, for those of you reading this and who know this trick or instruction – SHAME ON YOU FOR NEVER SHARING. For those of you reading this who had NO idea you were supposed to do these things…join the club! I was absolutely flabbergasted when I read this. ALL THIS TIME, all I had to do was press the STUPID brake pedal!!! UURRRGGHH!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Now all I can do is laugh! Who honestly would’ve thought!?! I sure am glad to have learned this new instruction and we shall see if it really does fix this issue. The things we learn. Funny. I have driven LOTS of cars in my years and have NEVER held the brake when starting. Bizarre but whatever works!

Moral of this story….

Mt Dew: 96 cents

Tow to dealership: $40

Dealership repair: $225

Reading the Owner’s manual: Priceless