Jun 13 2011

June garden update: the unintentional harvest


The A-Team has been crazy busy this spring (haven’t we all?) but here’s a little update on a few things we did today.

Here’s a photo update of our garden, we’re still working on our knowledge of how to be any good at it, but we’re pretty proud of what we’ve been able to do so far with God’s help:


A-Team Garden 2011, June

The A-Team Garden 2011, June

So today Anna was weeding and noticed that I hadn’t yet gotten around to thinning out the 2nd greens planting we did. So the little plants are literally choking each other out for space. Anna started thinning them out and we decided to keep the “throw away” plants we thinned as they were small but plentiful and possibly enough for some salads. Needless to say, what she brought in when finished was far more than we both expected, and enough to serve decent sized portions of organically homegrown greens to probably 12 people! We named it “The Unintentional Harvest.” For scale, this is a 14″ diameter bowl:


Kale, Arugula (the non-4-legged kind), Romaine Lettuce, and Baby Spinach