It can strike anyone, anywhere. Please, please, please pray for my family (mom and brother).

My mom and brother have maintained a close relationship with my mom’s ex-husband, Roger. He has been a big part of their lives since 1996.

Tuesday afternoon changed my brother’s, my mom’s and Roger’s lifes forever. Roger had been unreachable by phone since Saturday afternoon. By Tuesday, my brother went to his house to check on him. My brother found Roger lying on the floor. He promptly called 911 and got him help. Roger was still alive but barely. He was mostly unresponsive, extremely cold (even though he was in a warm house), extremely dehydrated, his liver has shut down, his kidneys have shut down, and the man is now on a ventilator because he cannot breathe on his own. He is clinging to life via machines. We believe he had been on the floor for close to 3 days. A scan of his brain has revealed tumors that we believe may be the cause of all this but the rest of his body is completely clear of any sign of tumor. He hadn’t shown any symptoms other than a recent cold that wouldn’t go away. Seriously, this blind-sided EVERYONE. This man is only 54 years old.

Short of the finger of God touching this man and healing his body, the prognosis is not good. I also know that his wishes would be to not stay on life support. He would rather die. I would ask only for prayers for comfort for everyone dealing with this sudden loss and for my guilt. Yes, guilt. Turns out the only picture the man had in his wallet was of me and Aaron at our wedding. I have not maintained a relationship with this man for reasons I will not go into but it was in the best interest of my family. With that said, I feel terribly guilty that I didn’t work harder at making sure he accepted Christ as his Savior. I am not sure of his salvation and that is scary. I never realized just how much my Hope in Christ frees me and it frees me of fear because I know my friends and family will someday join me in Heaven! I don’t think I have encountered a potential non-believer’s death (since becoming a believer). It is really hitting me hard especially since I could have done something about it. I pray that God gives ALL people one final chance at Judgement to proclaim Jesus as their Savior…hopefully Roger will make the choice for eternal life with Jesus! I ask for you to petition God on his behalf.

Thank you all for listening and for your prayers. They will not go unheard!

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  • Gretchen Says:

    I will pray for him and your family. And I don’t know about the situation but maybe if you did go and talk to him and even whisper in his ear, he may be able to hear and understand. Again we don’t know that for sure. But in the meantime I will be praying.

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