5 Mile Run


I have to brag to somebody besides my Anna.

For the first time since Airborne (circa 8/1997), I ran a 5-miler this morning, on the hottest day of the year no less 😀 (heat index was at or over 105F today, though 86F at the time I ran)

I had no preconceptions and didn’t look at my time until finished, so I just did my best and attempted to pace myself the best I could and was thoroughly enthused afterward. I feel great thus far and can’t wait until my “long” run again next week. I accidentally throttled myself back more than necessary to conserve energy and mostly out of lack of any recent experience. I suppose that’s better than being over confident and trashing myself too early? Anyway, as I tie a few more of these on I’ll be dropping my times substantially (cooler weather would help too) as I become more comfortable pacing myself and gaining confidence.

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